Marketing has many dimensions. To some it might be selling a product and raking in the profits, to others it might mean creating awareness about your product or project. If art is to be taken as a product or an output, it will surely fall in both categories. If you say that your art is not for sale, surely you must have thought about having some income. From where then? Your only option is income from sales and for sales you need marketing. It can be from any source – reproductions, commissions, licensing, merchandise, teaching or originals – but once it is decided that you need to earn from your art, the next step is its marketing.

Artists generally have an aversion to the word marketing because it brings up some traditional images – that of a used car salesman or the man behind the counter at a retail outlet. However, it is time you dumped those images from your mind and made a fresh start to marketing of art. No, you need not hire a marketing executive from an agency for labour hire in Melbourne or whichever place in Australia you might be living in. Consciously or unconsciously you are marketing your art at all times and that includes casually talking to a friend about your latest painting.

Here are a few tips that you can use to market your art.

  • Passive marketing – This is the thing that you are doing everyday without any real time strategies. Talk about your art with a friend such as your future projects or your planned exhibitions. With a stranger elaborate on your art style and your goals in the art world. Like a business, have a website designed and developed by a leading digital marketing agency and have it SEO optimised for high online presence and visibility on major search engines. Post new pictures and start an art chat with those visiting your site. Ensure that the website is not static and repeat visitors get to see something new every time they browse your site. Use the social media to your advantage. Here too post new pictures of your art and carry out a lively interaction with other communities and friends.

One thing needs to be remembered here. You need not restrict your interface with likeminded groups only. Branch out and contact other business or similar communities too. You never know, you might get a major art commission from one of them.

  • Intentional Marketing – Better known as direct marketing, this where you are knowingly marketing your art. Buy advertisements in the print or the visual media. The latter will be an especially powerful medium as you can display a selection of your finest works. You can write press releases giving details of your latest painting and forthcoming exhibitions. Another option is to attend art shows of other artists and attend seminars that usually take place simultaneously at the same venue. Here is an opportunity to introduce your art and your works to a captive audience of artists and art lovers. In intentional marketing, your sole focus is to make a sale now or pave the way for a later sale.

  • Art gallery marketing – An art gallery will do all your marketing and sales activity when you sign a contract with them. This makes it easy for you as all as you can solely focus on your art. But the catch here is that you must be a prolific artist constantly churning out new works of art. Galleries usually display an art work for six weeks to six months so until you can keep them periodically supplied with fresh works, this scheme will fall apart. Evaluate the extent of energy you can consistently muster before you sign on the dotted line with an art gallery.

These are some of the tips you will do well to follow for marketing your art business. However, if you want to concentrate on your art without being tied down to the marketing angle, you can hire a consultant from First Personnel, a leading labour hire agency in the country.