Decorate Your Home with Artwork

A house is a home when it has the stamp of individuality of the owner. There are many ways to do it – unique architectural design, exclusive interior decor and of course artworks in every room. True, all this can set you back financially but then your home will surely be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Here are some tips to decorate your home with art that will make your visitors turn various shades of green with jealousy.

Hang artworks at eye level

The trick to optimally display your costly pieces of paintings is to hang them low at eye level or better still not hang them at all and lean them against a wall. But if you have to hang them, do so with the lower end of the frame not higher than 8 to 16 inches above the table or sofa. This will ensure that the centre or heart of the piece is at eye level to any person of normal average height. If you aim to bunch together multiple frames at a point, say the landing of the staircase, follow the same principle for a consistent and unified look and design.

Make artwork the focal point of a room

When you walk into a room, identify the area where your eyes look at first. That should be the place where you should hang your artwork. It is the focal point of the room and the rest of the decor should be designed based on it. Build the theme of the room around the artwork. Try out accessories like lamp shades or accent pillows of secondary colours to that of the painting. Furniture that complements art is another option. For example, if you are a resident of the State of Victoria, Australia look for Melbourne timber furniture of grain and polish colour that matches the piece of art.

Match artwork with the mood

Do not simply choose artworks and place them randomly in rooms. If it is of food, place it in the kitchen, if it replicates fun and joy, hang it in the living room. Colour should be an important consideration too. Grey is a calming influence on the mood and nerves and hence choose a piece for the bedroom in various shades of grey. Similarly bright yellow sets a cheerful and welcoming mood so paintings in hues of yellow are ideal for the living room.

Keep these things in mind when you decorate your home with artworks.

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