How to Get Into an Art Gallery

Convincing an art gallery to exhibit works of art can be very difficult especially if you are a budding and emerging artist. Many have to wait for years before they can snag an exhibition in one of the more reputed galleries. Then what is the way to get your foot in through the door? Lugging your canvasses around to different galleries for approval is impossible; sending emails with attachments will only land in the trash bin.

Under such circumstances, how do artists get into art galleries? Here are a few tips that you can try out.

  • Does the gallery match your type of work and experience – Every gallery has its own unique identity that they stick to. So if you take your works on paper or photography to a gallery that specialises in landscapes and water colours, you will naturally be rejected. Gallery owners like to operate in a niche and you should not think that they will change it for your works however beautiful they might be. It is something like taking a car for servicing of its air conditioner to a transmission specialist in Melbourne or in any other location.
  • Get on a gallery’s radar – Galleries have very close relationships and bonding with artists who are usually introduced to them through referrals from other established artists. Referrals are very common in the art world as it is elsewhere in all businesses. You might only know about a top of the line car service in Maidstone for example if you have a friend recommending it to you. Once you have identified a gallery whose requirements meet your needs, try and develop a relationship with them and not necessarily through your work. Attend their events, be on their mailing list, like their social media page and spend time on their website – anything to get noticed. All this will establish you as one of their close supporters. Submit your work after you prove to them that you have taken an active part in their activities. Chances of rejection in such cases will be minimal.
  • Develop an audience first – if you have a lot of engagement on Facebook or other social media platforms, it shows that you already have an audience for your works of art. Contrary to popular belief, it is your job to develop a core group of followers. Once you prove that you have a dedicated following and can bring in the crowds, the chances of a gallery accepting your artworks for exhibition immediately increases. It will give them a sense of security that opening night will not be a disaster.

These are some of the ways that you can get into a gallery to exhibit your body of artwork. It is tough but definitely worth a try.

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