Promotional ideas for Art gallery

Running an art gallery is like any other business – you have to worry about the bottom line, have art works in hand to periodically replace the existing ones and have a truly optimised marketing strategy in place. Art lovers are a close knit community but you will be wrong to think that you can run your gallery on the same patron and invitee list. You have to work out plans to attract new customers and faces if your gallery has to grow and develop quickly.

While you cannot do much to change the basics of your gallery – the walls, the halls, the display cases or the brochure holder stand at the entrance that holds the pamphlets – you can surely do a lot to portray your gallery in a new and novel manner. This will surely bring in new patrons and charge up the existing ones.

Change and Innovate

It is easy to bank on tradition, be in the comfort zone year after year and try out the same happenings on opening day. But complacency is a pitfall you will do well to avoid if you want to rejuvenate things up. Have people stopped attending your events and openings because they have become too predictable? Shake things up with fresh ideas. Get interesting people or a VIP or a celebrity to attend your events or even an intriguing speaker that can draw in the attendees. In short anything that is a break from the routine and monotonous events you have been holding in the past.

Encourage peoples’ participation

Personal interaction tends to stay in the memory longer. Instead of simply having sculptures and paintings in your gallery, have sculptors and painters at work and spread the word about this in your community. Host something fresh and novel every couple of weeks so that your gallery will be the talking point in the art community. You can plan out family or kids’ events so that parents can browse the art works inside while the kids have their fill of fun outside, busy with art lessons, crafts and colouring.

Follow Retail basics

Most galleries will shy away from being seen as a retail outlet but there are many aspects of retail promotion that are applicable to art galleries too. Here are some retail promotional ideas that will suit your art gallery.

  • Move displays around periodically. People will notice when you make changes and move around walls and paintings. When things get stagnant and when people can foresee what they will find in the gallery they will simply walk past. Change the brochure and pamphlet holders too with new and attractive ones. Advertising Industries in Melbourne offers a wide range of advertising and display stands that you can rely on in this regard.
  • Have interesting window displays. Like retail stores create novel displays and change them frequently. Have them well lit so that they look inviting at night.
  • Plan an inviting decor. Most people perceive art galleries as sombre and serious places where tip toeing around is the norm. It is not uncommon to feel intimated by the surroundings. Instead make the environment of your art gallery warm and inviting. Have soft music playing and scents that stimulate buying. The more time customers spend on your premises, the more is the chance of a sale. A plate of cookies passed around goes a long way to show that you are sincere about making people welcome in your gallery.

The ideas given here for art galleries may sound revolutionary and quite outside the character that galleries should have but it will not hurt to give them a try. The main thing in this modern digital age is to stay visible at all times through means that might seem outlandish but ones that can be very effective too if applied with a high dose of passion.

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