Tree Wall Art can change look of your Home

Trees have a mesmerising effect on the lives of the common person. You go on long vacations to secluded places to be in the lap of nature amongst trees in forests. You also bring a slice of tranquillity to your home and garden when you plant them right before your front door or backyard. Be it fruit trees or shade giving ones, trees by their very structure attract all people and has been the subject of well known literary works and poetry. Who can forget “A Poison Tree” by William Blake or “The Way through the Woods” by Rudyard Kipling?

Given this scenario, wouldn’t you want to bring nature, specifically trees right into your home and spruce up your living space? Trees in many cultures represent strength and good luck and tree planting ceremony often becomes a part of any auspicious occasion. Hence, if you bring trees into your environment you will surely ensure that your space takes on a young and vibrant look.

Before you start calculating tree removal cost to transplant one from your garden to your living room, be advised that you need not go through so much of trouble. Simply put up attractive and colourful tree decals and you have achieved your objective of having a glamour home that will be a source of your neighbour’s envy.

What exactly is tree wall art commonly known as tree decals? These are stickers and boards through which you can bring in the enchanting look of forests into your home. These stickers and prints were originally inspired by European art and is basically a collection of tree appliqués such as flowering branches, bamboo and the Japanese maple tree.

Here are a few types of tree wall art that you can use to brighten up your home.

Metal tree wall art

Metal tree decals are available in various sizes. Sizes start from a small 16in x 16in to ones to that of 45in x 28in that partially cover a whole wall. These exquisitely handcrafted items are made of high quality metals that are rust resistant with a lustrous finish. Most of these metal decals are burnished with an alluring gold finish to give your dining room or living room or bedroom a unique and exclusive look. Since this nature inspired look has a universal appeal it is a great gifting idea too for any occasion.

Canvas tree wall art

The picture of a canvas tree decal is printed on a pure-white matte finish canvas which is then fixed to a thick and hard MDF board that has a back side wall hook. This makes the decal easy to hang or remove in any room. The size of the board is equal to the image size on canvas which is in the range of 12in x 18in to 36in x 24in.

High definition printing technology is used for photo prints on canvas in bright and vivid colours to bring out the original look of the great outdoors. The UV resistant inks do not fade over time and hence the decal is easy to clean. However, to retain the original looks, it is recommended that canvas tree art decals be kept away from extreme temperatures, sunlight and dirt and dust.

Apart from these two there are also wood tree wall art in exquisite forms and designs. The moot point here is that tree decals give a feeling of living within a natural and calm environment. This form of tree art wall is for people who cherish trees and have a great love for nature.

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